Alternative Christian music
with modern-day messages

Gospel Praise And Worship Songs in Burlingame, CA Revival Album Cover

Tracks include:

  1. In the Beginning
  2. So Smart
  3. Charge of His Light Brigade
  4. Family of Faith
  5. The Future is Bright
  6. Will There Be Time?
  7. Dragon Slayer
  8. A Helping Hand
  9. Heaven Bound
  10. The Innocent Ones
  11. Will You Still Know Me?
  12. There's Nothing New (Under the Sun)

Tracks include:

  1. Revival
  2. Days of Noah
  3. Dare to Believe
  4. Songs of Psalm
  5. Resurrection Power
  6. Help Is On the Way
  7. Plain and Simple
  8. Root of All Evil
  9. Break the Chains
  10. Jubilation
  11. Something Better
  12. Eternal Love


Here you can listen to alternative and contemporary Christian music. Our tracks are an inspiration of gospel praise and worship songs for youths and adults to enjoy!

Listen to Dragon Slayer CD sample tracks at, and click on the purchase link to buy individual tracks. You can also purchase the entire music CD if you choose.

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