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Announcing the Exciting Second Album, "Revival," Coming Soon 2020.

Dragon Slayer Christian Music in San Fransico, CA

There are times in life I imagine when we all would like to make a positive difference — not just in our own lives but beyond as well. I am trusting that the music the listeners find here will lift them — bringing them to a blessed state of mind with perhaps a smile on their faces.

I have played guitar for most of my adult life and, more recently, have grown quite fond of the piano — a marvelous instrument on which to compose music. This is my first independent music venture, and I'm expecting to follow-up with a few more albums before it is all said and done — by the grace of God and with a little help from my friends :)

Our Lord Jesus Christ was, is, and will forever be the ultimate "dragon slayer," and to Him, I devote and dedicate this music. My aim was not to necessarily create more pop "mainstream" contemporary Christian music — but rather offer a unique genre of music that blended pop, rock, classical, indie, and alternative styles that ideally could reach a wider bandwidth of the music listening audience.

Throughout this 2018 debut album, I focused purposely on the simplicity of the songs so that the messages would be clear. If the words of my songs alone touch your heart, I will deem my project a success. However, if both the songs' words and music move you — so much, the better!

Add a positive vibe to your life with the refreshing new sound of Dragon Slayer Music. I am looking very much forward to receiving your feedback on this first album. I hope it inspires you in a great way!

In His love,

Dragon Slayer Christian Music Album in Burlingame, CA

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