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Dragon Slayer Christian Music San Francisco Bay Area

There are times in life I imagine when we all would like to make a positive difference—not just in our own lives but beyond as well. I trust that the music the listeners find here will lift them—bringing them to a blessed state of mind with perhaps a smile on their faces.

I have played guitar for most of my adult life and, more recently, have grown quite fond of the piano—a marvelous instrument on which to compose music. This is my first independent music venture, and I'm expecting to follow-up with a few more albums before it is all said and done—by the grace of God and with a little help from my friends :)

Our Lord Jesus Christ was, is, and will forever be the ultimate "dragon slayer," and to Him, I devote and dedicate this music. My aim was not to necessarily create more pop "mainstream" contemporary Christian music—but rather offer a unique genre of music that blends pop, rock, gospel, classical, indie, and alternative styles that ideally could reach a wider bandwidth of the music listening audience.

Throughout all three albums, I focused purposely on the simplicity of the songs so that the messages would be clear. If the words of my songs alone touch your heart, I will deem my project a success. However, if both of the songs' lyrics and melody move you—so much, the better!

Add a positive vibe to your life with the refreshing new sound of Dragon Slayer Music. I am very much looking forward to receiving your feedback any of the albums. I hope it inspires you in a great way!

In His love,

About our Family of Musicians

Living in today’s fast-paced world can be a ponderous experience. As a consequence, it is also a challenge to step back and be thankful for the life we have all been gifted. We understand that people’s lives can be complicated. Therefore, we believe that finding common ground through music and creative expression are most effective at conveying how it is possible to live for a better world.

We attempt to showcase the power of faith and how God’s blessing can empower us all to do great things. We aim to create music that is uplifting and inspirational, while also maintaining a simple and inclusive tone that all may follow.

We are a band that pulls from many musical genres, including classic rock and alternative styling that create a recognizable sound. Our musical group is a spiritual collective that utilizes its gifts to manifest God’s love through music, creative expression, and a sense of camaraderie.

Where Our Music Is Available

If you are wondering where to buy Dragon Slayer music, then you won’t have to look far. Our music is available in a variety of formats, both digital and physical. We make it easy to order. We have a digital presence through hearnow.com, where you can buy individual tracks and entire albums.

Contact us to learn more about our music. We are available on platforms where you usually buy Christian worship songs.

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